Can I just tell ya’ll that I’m still alive and then go take a nap?

April 2, 2008 at 3:25 am (My life)

   Boy, that’s probably an unusual statement from a vibrant 16-year-old! I just haven’t been getting as much sleep as I’d like to. But I’m still alive and well. For the most part.

   Last week was pretty awesome. We had the week off of school – many MANY thanks to whoever invented Spring Break. All in all, I wasted most of my time. So that’s upsetting. 😦 I’ll do better next time. hahaha… I’m not convinced.
   Actually, I didn’t do TOO bad. I accomplished at least ten useful things:
   1. I rearranged my bedroom furniture
   2. I made dessert twice 😀
   3. I sorted through some old emails
   4. I wrote a couple of letters
   5. I don’t think that I did ten useful things. AAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

   Okay, let’s move on. Ahem. Dad is still acting as if he doesn’t know for sure that Woodside is the place for us, but he’s GOT to see it by now! Sunday was really awesome ’cause it was the Youth Service. The teens did the whole thing. Two of the guys preached, and both did a great job. The music was pretty incredible, too. Hopefully I can take part next time. 😀

   Last night I went to a Mary Kay party. It was neat. I have NEVER used makeup before, and thought that I never really would. But lo and behold, I am now going to start using makeup. Not much, though. I hate the way people just slather the stuff on. I’m just going to use foundation, because here’s the deal, people. Foundation hides all of the acne-redness that covers my face! Is that totally incredible or WHAT? I’m ecstatic! If I want it to look natural, (which I do) it won’t cover up the scars and everything, but I really don’t care. The red is gone! I hate to sound vain, but I may actually be just a little bit pretty! Yayness!

Mmm… that’s probably it for now. I’ll be posting another book review soon. Maybe I’ll do more than one. Actually, I may end up doing ONLY book reviews, ’cause they’re the only posts that I get comments on.

   Bye for now!

   Emily Rose

   P. S. Facebook closed my account because I’m homeschooled and lied about what school I go to. So… I got a new account and lied about my age this time. *gulp* I hate lying, but I really need a facebook. So… my email is on facebook’s hate-list, so I’m using the email address ramblinrose506[at]gmail[dot]com right now – in case some of you are still trying to figure out what happened to me. 😀



  1. JoAnna said,

    I enjoyed Spring Break, too. It felt like a week of Saturdays. . .because normally Saturday is the only day I don’t go babysit, but DO do normal things all day (Sunday is a day of rest of course from the “normal work”). I did get some useful things accomplished–mostly garden work & planning. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked too. . .but it was good. I could go on and tell you more of what I did and what I would have liked to do, but I’ll save that for the letter I’m writing (yes, I’m actually writing one! Please don’t faint from the shock! 😀 )

    I’m so glad you’re happy at Woodside. I pray that the formal decision will be made soon and that you will all be happily settling in!

    I tried to open a Facebook account once so I could keep up with a cousin’s mission trip, but I was too young and they didn’t have “homeschool” as a school so I gave up. 🙂

  2. JoAnna said,

    🙂 I decided you needed a second comment!

  3. JoAnna said,

    Emily! 🙂 We get World! I can actually send you the actual article about Alex & Brett with my letter (I’m so sorry, it’s been delayed, I’ve been having some stresses with the garden and getting really really behind!) 🙂

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