Back from yet another long abscence

April 17, 2008 at 7:03 am (My life)

Hey everyone! This has to be short – I feel like I’m coming down with something and I’m exhausted – but I wanted to drop in and say howdy.

My life has been so WONDERFUL lately that I don’t know why I’m not going out of my mind! I’ll hopefully be able to elaborate later. For now I just want to leave you with a prayer request:

My 82-year-old neighbor’s son was killed in a sky-diving accident almost two weeks ago. Please pray for her. She’s pretty worn out right now, and since her son was paying her mortgage, she’s going to have to move now. Please pray that God will give her strength.

Nothing else for now: I’ll post that book review that I promised soon. I’m almost done writing it, but I’ve done it by bits and pieces between busyness.



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  1. Erica said,

    Hey girly!! You need to liven this place up a bit! I bet if you had a drawing for $100 cash you’d get a lot of comments. Just a suggestion…. 😛

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